A Non-Medical Home Care Agency                                                     


Personal care such as styling the hair to build self esteem

We are a nurse and educator/attorney owned, non-medical home care agency with a management team that boasts of more than 25 years of experience in the social services and healthcare industry.   We are set apart from other home care and sitting agencies in that we have a registered nurse involved in every aspect of your care. We perform a complete assessment along with you and your family's input, to develop a personalized care plan.  Our services are focused on helping you maintain placement within the comfort, security and familiarity of your own home, while maximizing your independence. 

Our caregivers are extensively trained and we perform a thorough background and reference  check, including drug screenings .  They are CPR certified and trained in First Aid and many are Certified Nursing Assistants.  We relieve you of the headache of dealing with payroll and other taxes, as our caregivers are employed by us so we handle all of that.  They are also covered by our insurance to give you added peace of mind.


To aid us in providing the utmost in care to the individuals we serve, we have a quality assurance/improvement system in place along with protocols that foster a culture and environment in which quality is our main focus

Our QA/QI team continuously evaluates the quality of care and services provided by our caregivers.  This enables us to ensure that we are providing the highest level of care and to develop new ways in which to improve our services.  

Our comprehensive QA/QI system is constantly refined with input not only from our nurse and other professionals, but also from our consumers, by having them to complete a monthly satisfaction survey and provide feedback.